Available system services

Basic Terms of Use

Email settings:

Incoming (POP3S/IMAPS) server: mail.trolans.net (use SSL when possible. Authentication without is deprecated)
Outgoing (SMTP) server: mail.trolans.net
Server supports SSL: Yes Mail server requires authentication: Yes (same username/password as for POP3/IMAP)
Webmail: https://www.trolans.net/webmail/

Website settings:

DocumentRoot: /home/USERNAME/www/USERNAME.trolans.net/htdocs/
SSL DocumentRoot: /home/USERNAME/www/USERNAME.trolans.net/secure_htdocs/
URL: http://USERNAME.trolans.net/
SSL URL:https://USERNAME.trolans.net/
If you have a domain on this site, you will have these additional directories:
DocumentRoot: /home/USERNAME/www/www.YOURDOMAIN/htdocs/
CGI Directory: /home/USERNAME/www/www.YOURDOMAIN/cgi-bin/
Logs: /home/USERNAME/www/www.YOURDOMAIN/logs/

Also, you can create a file in your log directory called ".logctl", which contains "daily", "weekly" or "monthly" which will control how frequently to rotate, compress and process your site's logfile. Webalizer is used for processing, and the report files will be at http://www.YOURDOMAIN/.webalizer. If you want to customize webalizer, you may create a webalizer.conf in your log directory to setup those options.
The .webalizer directory by default is protected by the username/password you use to login to the server. Adjust the .htaccess and .htpasswd files in the .webalizer directory to taste if you require alternate protections. SSL DocumentRoot available upon request, with server-signed certificate unless otherwise supplied.

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